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    Rollovers on Image Maps

      Hello all,

      I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if it's possible to have rollovers9 such as a highlight) on image maps.
      I'm creating a help file with a lot of graphics and lots of image maps as links to other pages, but I need some kind of visual que to let people know they can do this.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks a lot
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi NJV20

          I suppose you could accomplish it using DHTML and Positioned Text Boxes (shudder).

          You might consider one of the following approaches.

          1. Just above the image, insert a line of text advising the user to click areas of the image below for more information. Then have alternative text that appears when they mouse over.

          2. You could use Adobe Captivate to accomplish this.

          Hopefully you will find something you are comfortable with... Rick
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            NJV20 Level 1
            Thanks Rick,
            I have learned to never relay on positioned text boxes, which are always where you don't want them. Why is that?

            I have been going with your first suggestion and made an icon to represent and graphics with interactivity, but I'd hate for people to miss all the options that are present to them

            I have thought about creating a swf with rollovers out of the graphic but there are simply too many of them and never enough time.

            I guess I was just hoping there would be an easier way.
            Thanks for the advise