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    Premiere Pro Error reading


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error. 


      [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/slightlybuilt/shared/adobe/MediaCore/AudioRenderer/Make/Mac/../ ../Src/AudioRender/AudioPrefetch.cpp-99]


      Might anyone know what this means?


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          Andrew_S Level 3

          HI Heather, have you read this post from this forum?




          Its might guide you to what the problem is. Seems to be to do with interpreting footage.


          Or do a search for AudioPrefetch.cpp-99 and see what comes up.


          Bye Andrew

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            Rock2meTalk2me Level 1

            Thanks Andrew.  I'm not using wmv files nor 25fps.  I am using a lot of slo-mo GoPro though.  This is only one of the errors that I come across.  Mostly, Premiere just quits w/ a 'serious error' warning..which makes me nervous as I go into a time crunch edit with clients over my shoulder over the next two days.  I'm too new to Premiere to know what is causing all of these errors.  There seems to be a lot of bugs in my system to w/ shortcuts not working here & there.  I'm saving often..that's my plan of attack (w/ FCP ready to go if I need a fallback)