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    Moving photos and associated tags, etc. to a new computer

    RayBo6 Level 1

      I have just updated APE-7 to APE-11 on my old computer which is running Windows 7.    The transition went well.   All photos and tags moved seamlessly to the new programs format.   I need advice on how best to transfer all of that to a new computer which is also running Windows-7.    You can think of the new computer as a clean slate, other than the fact that I installed APE-11 on it as well.


      Question 1:   Should I begin by manually transfer all photos from the "My Pictures" folder on the old computer to the "My Pictures" folder on the new computer prior to using the "Restore Catalog" function or does that automatically happen when I use the "Restore Catalog" function within APE-11 to transfer Keywords and Tags?


      Question 2:   I would appreciate it if someone would provide a link to an Adobe document that might give a detailed explanation as to how to use the "Restore Catalog" function, to a new, computer.   Or, perhaps a detailed step-by-step description of how to accomplish it in a way that all Keywords and Tags will remain associated with each picture.