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    Image Overlap


      I am creating an eps of a logo from an InDesign object that is grouped in 2 separate joined images. But when I check the eps, the bottom of the top image is cut off. I moved that image to "the front" and a few other things but I'm definitely a novice and need help. This is a crappy jpeg version of it but the bottom of Lincoln is cut off. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might want to post a photo that clearly shows your problem.

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            DrStrik9 Level 4

            It's a simple cropping problem, right? In InDesign: Object>Fitting>Fit Frame to Content

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              SnthAdmin Level 1

              I tried the fit frame to content..and it didn't change.

              here are better images

              the blue line shows were to the two images are joined.

              Logo Blue Line.jpg


              In the second image you can see the bottom of Lincoln text is cut off.....

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                DrStrik9 Level 4

                Indesign is "cropping" the exported object right at the edge of the type. Maybe place a white box underneath the graphic before exporting. It looks like the InDesign object is placed on top of a black box. Either get rid of the black box, or enlarge both it and add a white box underneath the logo and on top of the black, to get breathing room for your type. You may need to ungroup the InDesign object, and put each element on its own layer.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  SnthAdmin, so the original (in InDesign) is not vector art either? Then (a) there is no particular good reason to use Illustrator, and (b) there is no good reason to try and save it as an .eps.


                  It's possible you are losing resolution because of the copy/pasting. Try opening the original images with Photoshop instead. If the bitmaps were embedded in the ID document, unembed them first.


                  With Photoshop, you should get a perfect pixel representation of the originals (however bad they may be), and you can easily paste them together into a single image. If you are still convinced you should save it as an .eps, well, Photoshop can do that too.

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                    Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Do a search on Google for the vector version of this logo. I found it within 2 minutes.

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                      SnthAdmin Level 1

                      Thank you Jongware...I was able to use Photoshop to extract and save as an eps (client requested it to be created as an eps).


                      Thanks to everyone that replied to my S.O.S. I will admit some of the responses were slightly out of my knowledge range but I look forward to giving the suggestions all a shot so I do understand them.

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                        DocPixel-BMW Level 2

                        @Monica - sorry, that was slow(!)

                        Using an extension in Chrome or Add-In to Firefox, "Search Google Images"... I had it in less then 1 second.


                        Without a plugin/extension... just save the JPEG to the desktop, open Chrome/Firefox/Safari to Google Images and drag the saved JPEG into the window. Takes about 3 seconds.


                        When looking for large or specific versions of a graphic, don't forget to make use of the "Search Tools" dropdown on the found image page from Google, for size, color, similar, or icon variants.


                        Edit: I should apologize, but my largest "pet peeve" at the moment is how (very, very!) many people still do not know how to use assorted Google services, Google search... or even email. Most people spend at tthe least 2+ hours per day on the web in thier browser of choice, or with email... and can't be bothered to learn these very simple programs. It's a wonder they try to tackle an advanced piece of software like Illustrator(?!)

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                          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          DocPixel-BMW wrote:


                          @Monica - sorry, that was slow(!)




                          I also checked the file, if it's OK (or autotraced, or just a pixel EPS ...)