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    Clips suddenly "lost" video track

    Elliott B. Level 1

      I have a bunch of clips from a Sony FS700 in a bin.  They are all 1080p@23.98 .MTS files.  I set markers, then created a multi-cam source sequence from 9 clips.  When I opened this sequence in the source monitor, all 9 angles were offline, so I deleted the sequence to try again.  But now, 4 of these clips have "lost" their video track.  The properties window shows audio only.  I'd like to figure out why this happened. 

      My only guess:  I turned on Audio Time Units before placing the markers, in order to sync the shots perfectly, because it's a musical performance.  Maybe Premiere didn't like that?

      Edit:  More importantly, how can I get these clips back?  I removed them from the bin, deleted their XMP files, and re-imported.  But they still show as audio-only clips.