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    Dreamweaver widget load as per Screen Size


      new Dreamweaver widget for Edge puts Edge <object> into Dreamweaver via xml which then goes ahead and automatically loads animation along with all companion files. working so far like a dream. seems even to be able to load on single html multiple Edge files.


      I wanted to see if I could write a simple conditional statement using jquery that loads one of three Edge files depending upon size of screen.


      couldnt get it to work. pls see code below.



          <!doctype html>



          <meta charset="UTF-8">

          <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js">





          <div id=container></div>


           if ($(window).width() < 400) {

              $('#container').load ('<object id="EdgeID" type="text/html" data-dw-widget="Edge"


          else if ($(window).width() == 400 && $(window).width() < 800) {

              $('#container').load ('<object id="EdgeID1" type="text/html" data-dw-widget="Edge"


          else {

              $('#container').load ('<object id="EdgeID2" type="text/html" data-dw-widget="Edge"







      appreciate anyones ideas.

      yrs dusty