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    Wrong spry menu layout in design view

    Henrik Boetius

      My spry menu exeeds its limits in designwiev, but not i livewiev or in browser.

      It is the anchor ikon that makes this happen when I apply an ID to the menu items.

      Is there any way around this problem?


      The menu is displaying a highligted menuitem for the current page, I have used the method from this link:





      <div id="nav">

            <ul id="MenuBar1" class="MenuBarHorizontal">

                  <li><a href="index.html" id="home">Home</a>            </li>

                  <li><a href="nyheder.html" id="nyheder">Nyheder</a></li>

                  <li><a href="kurser.html" id="kurser">Kurser</a></li>

                  <li><a href="courses.html" id="courses">Courses</a></li>

                  <li><a href="studiegruppen.html" id="studiegruppen">Studiegruppen</a></li>

                  <li><a href="om_os.html" id="om_os">Om os</a></li>

                  <li><a href="historie.html" id="historie">Mindrollings historie</a></li>

                  <li><a href="dharma_dhristi.html" id="dharma_dhristi">Dharma Dhristi</a></li>

                  <li><a href="teachings.html" id="teachings">Teachings</a></li>

                  <li><a href="kontakt.html" id="kontakt">Kontakt</a></li>

                  <li><a href="links.html" id="links">Links</a></li>




      Design view:


      Live wiev and browser: