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    Problem with CS6: start-up and hypenation


      I've been happily working with CS4 but bought CS6 just before the relatively economical upgrade path expired at the end of last year. I haven't tried to use it until today.


      I've acquired a new MacBook Air  running OS 10.8.2 whereas I've been running on 10.7 up to now.


      10.8.2 doesn't seem to want to run CS4 at all, so I'm forced to start using CS6.


      However, when I start up InDesign CS6 on the new machine it repeatedly produces some protest that I'm lacking both US and UK versions of some sort of Progress hyphenation control, and that if I edit the document hyphenation might go wrong. However often that warning is dismissed it re-appears, and does so so quickly there's no chance to close a window or do anything else. In the end the only thing to do is Force Quit.


      I'm in the middle of a large  project and am about to go travelling for six weeks with the new machine, so it's vital that InDesign be made to work. At the moment I can do nothing with it.


      Any suggestions, please?


      With thanks,


      Peter N-H

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          peternh2 Level 1

          The exact text of the alert is:


          Hyphenation breaks may change if you edit the text in this document.


          The following hyphenation services are not installed on this system -

          Proximity (English: USA)

          Proximity (English: UK)



          I'd welcome the chance to edit the text and take my chances with the hyphens. But the alert can't be made to go away, and no work can be done.


          Why we pay so much for software that just doesn't work I don't know.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            That error message is telling you that your installtion was incomplete and that neither of the standard dictionaries for US or UK English have been installed. That's a fairly serious error and you should re-run the installer in repair mode to see if the dictionaries get installed.

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              peternh2 Level 1

              Many thanks for those thoughts.


              I de-installed CS6, downloaded a fresh installation, ran the upgrade to 8.01, and now it seems stable.


              Only it hasn't imported my preferences from CS4 and most importantly my workspaces including a library of set styles and objects. This is a complete disaster. But as it's another topic, I'll ask a fresh question.


              The earlier problem was solved, though. Thank you for that.