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    New and changed edition of a book in a different size: best route?

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      I have a book in InDesign CS6 in a single InDesign document. The book is currently layed out as A4 portrait (297mm x 210mm) but that limits my professional printing options. A second edition of the book will be written with changes and additional materials. I plan to keep the old InDesign document for the first edition and create a new InDesign document for the second edition. That document will then have 280mmx216mm (or 8.5in x 11in) size with a gutter margin implemented.


      Now, I want to start the new edition from the existing content of the first edition. So, I have a couple of options:

      - Create a file copy and change document layout from that one

      - Create a new document with the correct size and do some sort of export-from-old/import-to-new (idml?)


      I've started with the first route. I changed the masters (2). I tried layout rules but that became a mess (my lack of expertise I guess) and also when I had some pages that I tried to reapply a master to, instead of applying it, that action inseerted two new blank pages based on the master, not what I want. So I restarted, leaving layout rules for what they are, changed the masters, but the result is that all the text frames have to be reset to the Master's size by hand. I can reapply the master, but the text frame keeps its old size.


      I must add that my document has something like 170 diagrams, some inline, some anchored, some floating that need to go over to the new one. Preferably not by hand.


      If I want to create a new document with the smallest possible change of carrying over any problems of the original and the smallest amount of work to get to the new version (in the ultimate case I have no problem redoing all the 170 diagram placements or changing the size of all text frames on each page by hand, but I'd rather not) what can I do?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There is always going to be some manual work involved in reformatting a book like this, especially with the images, particularly those that are not anchored and may need to be repositioned. Layout Adjustment can help a lot -- I use it for this from time to time -- if you turn it on before making any changes, then make sure the margin guides are set to the size of the main text block before you attempt to make any change to document setup.


          Once the margins are correctly setup you can use Document Setup to change the page size, and then go to each master page and change the margin settings to what they should be, if different, and to move master objects that you would not be overriding. That should get you 80-90% of the way to your new layout, and you can save the file with a new name. You want to avoid reapplying master pages that have objects that you've overridden.