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    MOV files stutter in CS6

    thetasound Level 1

      I've got over 100 1280 x 720 HD MOV files to edit in 16 or more video stacks, so I built a brand new system just to run Premiere CS6. It's an i7 with 16gb RAM and a GeFroce 660 card with 2gb DDR5 RAM. Windows 7 Pro. All video and cache files are on an SSD. I've got the MPE enabled and was still seeing terrible stuttering. Then I found a post that said to rename the MOV files to MPG and that would do the trick. Guess what... IT DID!


      Now the thing that struck me as very odd was when I first tried to import the MOV files, I got error msgs that they were unsupported media. How could Adobe not support MOV files natively, or supply the proper codec. Instead, I had to search Google to find out I had to install QT before the files would even import, let alone play. Then the poor performance with this super system. It would seem that the problem is the QT codec that doens't work with Premiere. I read in one post that the QT codec is 32 bit while Premiere is 64 bit. Still, there's no excuse for not supporting QT natively with an Adobe 64-bit engine. I was begining to think that I'd spent all that money for naught.


      Does anyone from Adobe have an answer for this?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First of all, this is a user-to-user forum. So the chance that anyone from Adobe will answer your question is very slim.


          QuiRcktime, a well deserved name BTW, is a 32 bit application. When you use MOV wrappers, in almost all cases QuiRcktime is needed and Adobe made the QT-Server to accomodate that material, but not only is it a 32 bit APPLE application, it also can not use your installed memory as good as a 64 bit application and requires far more use of the pagefile, slowing down your system. If you have complaints about QuiRcktime, and that is IMO 99% of the users, then contact Apple.


          The best solution is the one you found. Do not use MOV wrappers, but change it to a format that Adobe supports natively and do not even install QuiRcktime. Then you keep the 64 bit nature of PR intact, have far better memory management, less use of the pagefile, better performance and no more gamma shifts.

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            thetasound Level 1

            Harm, Thanks for the reply. I'm a long-time Premiere/Win user, going back to version 5, and got as far as PPro 2.0 as our main system never got past XP Pro as the OS. But the project I described demanded its own system and WTH, why not... Now that I know to avoid QuiRktime like the plague, I'll just use the rename trick (I still know DOS commands so it's very easy to do as a batch at the command prompt). Still, one would think that Adobe would support the MOV format natively. In fact, if renaming the files works, why doesn't PR just treat MOV files like MPG files transparently? Seems like a simple bit of code...

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >support the MOV format natively


              As Harm said... MOV belongs to Apple... so you might want to ask Apple why they don't license their source code to Adobe

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                If you have complaints about QuiRcktime, and that is IMO 99% of the users, then contact Apple.


                Or better yet, just stop using it.

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                  thetasound Level 1

                  One of the HD cameras I use writes MOV files directly to the memory card. There are no other options.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    We tell camera makers we don't want MOV by not buying models that use it.  (That and writing to them directly.)


                    Let's get these guys to do things better.  Everything in a single MXF file writing to exFAT formatted cards.