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    Smoky Air Studios

      SETTINGS: I animate and capture through Helium Frog (a capture program on the computer) and its saved as an AVI. My Camera is a Sony Handycam HC38E and it captures in 720x575, and is DV PAL. My project settings are DV Pal widescreen, frame size 720x576 (It's changed to look like widescreen through interpret footage) and is pretty much the same in Camcorder and Project.


      PROBLEM: Allright, when I edit, I kind of do it in checkpoints, so if I get all the footage and effects done, I'll export it so it's one file to make it easier. But when I put it back into the project to add everything else in, there seems to be tension and nervousness at the top and bottom, where it shudders black and original footage. It looks terrible obviously. I think youtube gets rid of the shuddering, but nevertheless it is a great bother. Sometimes I can get ghosting as well, however I unfortunately go through the trouble of deleting the new frames. These are great pains to me and it drives my crazy. I try zooming in to remove it, however you can catch glimpses sometimes and I also miss out of all the footage which I obviously do not want. I've tried saving it in different formats but it is always the same result. Any help would be highly appreciated.