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    e4x is KILLING ME!!

      I am trying to perform a filter on XML using an e4x expression, but nothing seems to behave as expected. Based on this test project, http://staging.deardorffassociates.com/e4x/E4XFiltering.html, with the left side being the source XML and the right the filtered result (which is wrong), I want to select all VISITORS nodes, where VISITORS.IMPRESSIONS.SEGMENT == "CF" and VISITORS.IMPRESSIONS.MEDIACHANNELID == 2.

      No matter what expression I try, I can not get the desired XMLListCollection. Usually I can get it to respond to the first filter (SEGMENT) but it will ignore MEDIACHANNELID and return all VISITORS nodes where VISITORS.IMPRESSIONS.SEGMENT == "CF" regardless of the value for VISITORS.IMPRESSIONS.MEDIACHANNELID.

      Please help!!