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    Fail to be able to test on ipad 3, CS6, both platforms


      I am so frustrated with the inability to test properly on apple devices like the ipad 3. 


      Currently, when publishing on Windows to ipad 3, it just throws a white screen and never loads.


      (FWIW, what a disaster it is to have to use OpenSSL to get a dev environment and apple certs to .p12 to work, eh?)


      The apps I've made and published on the ipad in CS5.5 work fine and can load/test on ipad , but when I go back with the new CS 6 files, save as 5.5, they don't work.  Have tried numerous other ugly hacks *(targeting all other AIR from 3.4-3.6), etc.


      When publishing on Apple, I get the "not enough free space on device" (this is a documented bug on adobes site) even though I have 40gigs free and my flash file is 900k.  Ridiculous.



      My apps on the apple store were basically put up there without proper testing, which is a horrible way to do stuff.  I am pretty disgusted with the general suckiness of flash as a tool to develop (well, more like deploy) apps and have started doing stuff to basically not have to use it.  Still, I have a couple of "90% done" apps to put out and need to test on a device; any suggestions or fixes would be most appreciated.