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    Hey People Please Help a Student

    Cem Erdogan

      Hey people i am a university student from Turkey/Istanbul. I study Film Directing. So i am familiar with Premiere and After Effects. So here is my problem: I have a computer which has : Intel i7 2.6 ghz quad core, 8 Gb ram, 1 TB Harddisk, 2x geforce gtx 275 SLI. And my mainboard is ASUS P6TD DELUXE which supports 24 gb ram maximum.


      I want to upgrade my workstation so i decided to upgrade it to 24 GB ram and also i want to buy an additional SSD drive which is 240 GB. I watched a tutorial on adobe tv which is telling me that i should have at least 3 gb ram for each CPU. So i have 8 CPU which 4 of them are actual CPU's.


      So here are my questions.


      1-) Should i install AE and premiere on SSD Disk?

      2-) Should i use SSD disk as my cache?

      3-) Are those specifications which i want to upgrade are they enough for working on minor effects like color correction and some minor effects?


      And also i am expecting your advices. I have to upgrade my system in one week becouse i have to start editing my midterms are beggining in 1 week.


      Thanks for your all interest.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. 24 Gb is a great move for the RAM, but you do not have 8 CPU you only have 4 which are hypertreaded to run 8 processes
          2. You desperately need more disk storage.  If you really have youer heart set on an SSD then I would suggest tha you image your OS and applications to the SSD and use your existing disks for projects.
          3. What version of Premiere do you have?  SLI and CS5 and above do not work together.
          4. What media are you editing?


          Message was edited by: Bill Gehrke because I had to run out to an appointment.


          The other thing I wanted to tell you is to look at our Premiere Pro Bench Mark (PPBM5) results.  I am running an X58 platform as my main editing system (BillG x58) but it is a 6-core CPU and if you overclock your system and add in some multi disk RAID you can safely improve the preformance signiifcantly.

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            JAKE JONSON Level 1

            Beyond the answer you've already received, Cem, I'd urge you to search this forum and related forums (here & elsewhere) to find the answers for your questions because these issues are common and have already been answered here.

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