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    Urgent - Exporting a library to Vectors


      I urgently need to find a way to export the contents of multiple libraries stored in .FLA files into vector files. Preferably somerthing that can be read by Photoshop, Gimp or Inkscape. Such as an SVG file.


      I'm using CS6, and I have a dozen or so .FLA files which are being used as libraries, to store a couple of thousand symbols.


      I need to extract these sysmbols into a form that can be read by people who don't have access to CS6. I tried generating sprite sheets, but it's just too slow and the quality is too poor.


      I really need to export everything in batches to seperate SVG files, or something similar.


      I tried using Flash2SVG but it stops every time with the error message


      The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:


      At line 2731 of file "SVG.jsfl":

      out of memory


      SVG Export Failed


      I don't really want to mess around fixing it if there is another solution that I could use.