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    Convert CMYK to RGB for MS Word?

    tinsnip Level 1

      Greetings! I've designed a logo for a client using Illustrator CS6. There is the 4-color version in CMYK .eps as well as 1-color, 2-color, and KO versions. Everything looks and acts as it should and will no doubt be perfect for offset printing (my main area of experience). However, once delivered to the client they were anxious to put them into use and immediately dropped the 4-color version into a word document and made a pdf for email distribution. When I received it I had to groan, the colors had shifted to the obscene.


      My guess is that what the client needs is a set of the logos that are converted to RGB. I'm also thinking that since the logos might be re-sized for various uses, keeping the art in the .eps format (as opposed to a raster format) makes sense. Is that true?




      Is there an easy way to convert the original CMYK eps files to RGB within Illustrator?


      I'm wide open to suggestions for best practices regarding artwork for use in MS Office applications.