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    Moving my Lightroom catalog from a PC to an iMac

    Ray Rippel

      Good day, everyone,


      First, thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks even more if you can help!


      A few background points:


      • I have two Lightroom catalogs I want to move from my PC to my new, shiny iMac.
      • Both were kept (and will be kept) on the computer's internal hard drive.
      • I have successfully installed Lightroom on the iMac.
      • I have successfully moved all the files of the actual photos, the LR catalog, and the preview files to the iMac


      I attempted to open one of the catalogs by just double-clicking on the file itself. That worked, sort of. I then right-clicked on the folder and used the "synchronize folder" command. That got me my photos, but the program started re-creating all the previews AND, more importantly, none of the develop history, the ratings, the color codes, etc., were imported.


      So, obviously I did this wrong. I would really appreciate a step by step description of how to do it correctly.


      Thanks again.


      Ray Rippel