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    Re-Installing PSE 11

    RocklinDavid Newcomer

      I want to re-install PSE 11 to see if it might fix an issue I'm having.  Is there any risk with losing data, tags etc?

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          99jon Legend

          What is the issue?

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            RocklinDavid Newcomer

            Very long story and I am working with Adobe Support, but it boils down to the fact that the button that should allow me to show duplicates (and therefore not import) in the import dialog, has never worked on my first Mac install. It is always dimmed out.  They suggested I create a new Administrator Account and do a fresh install to see if that fixed the issue.  It did. So now I need to figure out my next step. (They ususally take a week to respond to new information) I thought if I re-installed from the disk on the first Administrator account, it might help.  My first install was a trial version that I added a serial number to.  Of course I don't want to risk all the work I've done to build the database (at least 50 hours)

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              99jon Legend

              No problem. You won't delete the catalog database by un-installing and re-installing.

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                RocklinDavid Newcomer

                Trying a re-install over the old version now.  If that doesn't work, I'll do an uninstall, then another install. Keeping my fingers crossed for maintaining data!

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                  RocklinDavid Newcomer

                  Re-Install didn't work:[  Not sure what Adobe will tell me to do next. There must be a software conflict with something on my main Administrator account.  Picassa??

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                    99jon Legend

                    Yes it's a bit annoying having to use another account. I assume they have trashed the prefs?



                    The editor saved prefs often get corrupted. You may need to rebuild the editor preferences to resolve any conflicts. Quit Elements.


                    Hold down the Cmd+Opt+Shift keys and simultaneously click on the Edit button on the welcome screen. Release the three keys when you see a pop up - you may need to look behind the welcome screen by closing it. Or go to applications and hold down the three keys whilst double clicking on Photoshop Elements Editor application.


                    When you see a pop up box with the words: Delete Adobe Photoshop Elements Settings File?

                    Click on Yes - then wait whilst the app rebuilds the preferences.

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                      RocklinDavid Newcomer

                      Thanks, good thought.  I did it and the duplicates icon is still dim. Something strange is going on. 


                      I also tried to do an incremental backup today and Elements can't find my original Full Backup file. Now I have two major issues;[