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    Export black screen


      Hi, i have a problem, im trying to export my sequence of almost 2 hrs, i exported 2 mins of it just to check how is it gonna look, the 2 mins export looks great, but! when i export the entire sequence it shows a black screen. i have no audio in my project.


      My guess is that i need to render the entire sequence, but this lead to another Q, why is this happening now, i had worked with a similar project before, never rendered, and worked!


      Thx in advance!

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          briantho Level 1

          Nothing immediately springs to my mind but I don't think rendering would make much of a difference here. I guess something strange has got in there somewhere and if I were you, in these specific circumstances, I'd now try exporting the first 20 minutes. If that's OK try the next 20 minutes and so on. If the problem is also in the first 20 mins then try exporting 10 minutes and see what happens. Just an idea.. If nothing else it makes for a fun Saturday night :-)


          You might also want to share some more details concerning the Sequence involved.

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            DzenOZ Level 1

            thanks for the quick reply! ok... where to start.

            i have a coktail of videos here, some of em are SD 480 (720x480) and others are 480 (854x480) and another of 360 (360x288) and another of 320x240, but all of em are diferent in fps from 18.18 to 30... i guess here is the leak, my sequence is set to 25fps, could that be it? what should i do in this cases that i have a mix of fps and ratio?

            the source vids are H.264-AAC.flv i have Pr pro cs5.5, mac os X 10.7.5

            here are screenshots from my sequence and export settings

            Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 12.44.18.pngScreen Shot 2013-02-23 at 12.45.32.png

            thanks again

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              briantho Level 1

              Sorry - that's way outside of my experience. I do a lot of multicam stuff but I set them all to the same settings before I press record. I hope you get some good advice.

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                DzenOZ Level 1

                thanks, the weird thing is that it happend from one day to another, i already done the work but it remains the Q about the black screen, im pretty sure the answer is in the export codecs but cant remember what did i changed

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  i have a coktail of videos here


                  There is your problem.  PP is a professional level editor and has a tendency to work better with standardized media from cameras.  Stick to using that kind of footage and you should fare better.


                  For the footage you're trying to use, you may have better luck using a consumer level editor.

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                    DzenOZ Level 1

                    Thanks, you are right, i should have used other software.