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    Merging same categories entered on different pages

    ragracers1148 Level 1

      I am designing a form for entries.  Some people will have a single entry while others might have multiple entries, but the categories for each entry is the same (i.e. name, registration number, desired program, etc).  I successfully used navigation to push people with multiple entries to the next page, but the information populates different columns in the results even though the categories were copied and pasted onto the next page.  Is there any way to make the next entry populate the same column in results spreadsheet (i.e. all the text entries with the label "name" populate the same column in results) or is there another work-around?  If not, is there a way to use the conditional logic to allow submission of the first form, with an automatic opening of the cleared form for the next entry if the person replies "yes" they have multiple entries?