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    Historical Timeline Question

      I am creating a historical time line site similar to the image attached. There will be a main time line across the center of the page with buttons that allow the user to click to the next or previous decade. There is also a smaller time line above that will show the user where they are but they will also be able to click and drag the smaller version to navigate the main time line. My question is how do I tie the smaller time line to the larger one? How do I make it so that when you click on the main time line to go to the next decade it also moves the one up top in relation to where you are? All of the info will be pulled from XML and there will be a mask that moves to reveal the different sections of the site. Thank you! Timeline
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          Use a ratio. Change the small scoller's x postion based on the position of the large scroller's x multiplied by the ratio. So if the small scroller were exactly 1/2 the size of the larger, the AS would look like this:

          smallScroller._x = largeScroller._x * 0.5;

          Obviously this example would only work if both were located at 0 in x and does not account for differences in their locations or nesting inside movieclips but should give you the general idea. Nor does it show a way to animate the movement to the new location, for which you coul duse the Tween class or an animation class like Fuse Kit.