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    where's my metadata in a video?  Lightroom adjustments not transferred to CS6?

    lasers100 Level 1

      I've shot some video clips with DSLRs, and imported into Lightroom4 along with my stills, with normal Import metadata applied.  All looks good in LR. 

      Videos are generated as .MOV files.


      If I open a video in Photoshop CS6, and look at File Info, there is nothing there, not even camera info let alone the LR import preset with copyright info etc., nor the keywords and caption that I added in LR?  Metadata for videos is also  blank if I look at the file with Bridge. 


      Metadata for stills (including what was added in LR) is visible in both PS File Info and in Bridge.


      Why doesn't PS or Bridge see any metadata for the video files? 


      Separate problem, although perhaps related, is that I made some develop edits to the video in LR (using capture frame, develop, save as preset, then apply preset to the video file).  All looks good in LR, as well as exported files.  However, if I want to use enhanced capability in CS6, there is no "edit in" available as there is with stills.  If I open the video directly in CS6, none of the edits show; I get the as-shot file (which I can understand).  Is there any way to open the video in CS6 with LR edits applied?  At least be presented the option of doing this or opening the as-shot file?  If I open the file in Corel's Video Studio Pro, the LR adjustments are there (clipped to length and colour and tonal adjustments applied).  Why can't I do the same in CS6 if I want?