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    Multiple loadVariables from within an interval

      I have an interval that loops every 60 seconds, and each minute it updates what the user sees on stage and uses loadVariables to send data to two php pages...


      #code that does other stuff#

      loadVariables("takeCredits.php", "" , "GET");
      loadVariables("../performers/chatDone.php", "" , "GET");
      creditInterval = setInterval (deductCredits, 60000);

      I've tried multiple variations of loadVariables and the oldschool method shown here seems, for some reason to work
      the best, however... sometimes the data will only make it to the database twice... and after the 2nd time it quits sending even though the client is still active and the interval is updating the information on the stage.

      Is there a way to be ABSOLUTELY sure those variables get sent each time the interval calls the loadVariables? When I test this over and over myself I can't seem to get it to fail, but it is failing in some instances.