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    Compiling indexes in RH 6 vs. RH 7

    HKabaker Level 2
      I am planning three tasks to begin in the near future, continuing as time allows.

      1. Upgrade to RH 7 selected archival WebHelp packages and republish them to our in-house DocWeb library.
      2. Upgrade to RH 7 all current projects that I know will be updated as we publish new software releases.
      3. Re-index a set of Release Notes spanning about six years, upgrading to a master keyword list I'm compiling. I've been learning more with each update, and the original indexes are not consistent over time. All are subprojects of a master project. RH 7 facilitates this with its multiple index feature, but I can achieve the same result in RH 6 by replacing each hhk file with my "empty" keyword list.

      Today:s question:

      Did the Index wizard change significantly, or does it function pretty much the same when you run topics through it?