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    Problem with CS6: missing workspaces


      I've been working happily with CS4, and because I've been working on a large project for some time, have not wanted to jeopardise that by upgrading. However, having acquired a new laptop running 10.8.2, with which CS4 won't work, I've finally installed CS6 (InDesign 8.0.1) on both desktop and laptop machines.


      I now have a major problem.


      None of my workspaces, which include libraries of objects created for this particular project as well as other preferred settings, have appeared in CS6. This is a disaster. I'm not a power user, and I don't even remember how I created those libraries. To remake them would involve a lot of time I don't have both in going back to tutorials on the subject and then working out all the measurements and other factors all over again.


      Can someone tell me how to get the CS4 preferences (if that's the issue) into CS6? I need to see a couple of workspaces and a library of objects. I'm unable to work until I can do that.


      Any advice would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          peternh2 Level 1

          I've managed to work out how to retrieve the library (fairly obvious, I'm sorry).


          But having the workspaces back without having to recreate them would be pretty useful, too.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Workspaces can be copied from version to version (but keyboard shorcuts from CS4 need special treatment if you want to copy them to later versions). You'll find them as .xml files in the Workspaces folder in your user profile/library. For where to look, see Replace Your Preferences. The Worksapces folder will be in the same folder as InDesign Defualts.

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              peternh2 Level 1

              Many thanks for that. And I'm delighted to hear that these settings can be retrieved, and especially paragraph and character styles and font choices that all exist as part of a custom workspace. But I haven't been able to follow these instructions to make the replacement.


              A search for workspace folders produces several, but non contain an .xml file with any but the standard set of workpace names, and not the custom one.


              The paths given to find two files in the document to which you linked, do not seem to exist beyond


              Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/


              There's no 'library' under that category.


              What has worked for the desktop is using a search for 'workspace' to find the InDesign Workspace folders for both InDesign CS4 and CS6, and then dragging the en_US folder from one to replace that in the other. CS6 on the desktop now has the library and paragraph styles desperately needed.


              However, dragging the same folder from the desktop over to make the same replacement on the laptop hasn't worked, and the same settings are vitally needed there, too.


              Any further thoughts would be much appreciated.

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                peternh2 Level 1

                Actually, on further investigation, the paragraph styles and character styles have apparently arrived with the documents themselves (I expect that's obvious to most people). The library is also there and can be opened. Just selecting the panes to make a new workspace won't take that long.


                In short, it's all more simple than I feared.


                But many thanks for the assistance.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Styles are document attributes, not part of a workspace.


                  The folders and files you need are hidden in your OS. See Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 Lion

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                    peternh2 Level 1

                    My crude drag-and-drop method seems to have worked. But thank you, and your information on hidden files noted for future reference.