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    Print booklet in inDesign not printing correctly


      I have been having issues with the print booklet feature of inDesign CS6. I am doing a half letter layout. the pages are laid out as the end user would see them. when I click on print booklet and set all of the print settings, everything is fine. the preview show the spreads correctly. example (the back cover and front cover are on one spread with the back being on the left). problem is, once I print, the back cover is replaced by a blank page and the back is then placed on spread 3. page 1 is then placed where the blank inside cover should be.   I mad a 12 page blank document and placed only page numbers on the pages and then printed booklet. the preview was correct and the printed output was also correct. as soon as I add any other elements to the pages, it no longer prints correctly.


      this is extremely frustrating. I have wasted a day and a half trying to troubleshoot and get this to work. At this point I am going to lay out the pages the way I want them to print and then rearange them to view properly in PDF, either that or go back to using Quark. anybody know what may be causing this.