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    multiple compositions/ bootstrapping/ transitions




      So im trying to create an interactive quiz all on adobe edge. So there are multiple pages/animations and so far I have done one "path"/series of questions on one composition and its beginning to look like a nightmare. I know that after effects has different compositions and in the end you can import them in one bigger picture and have transitions between each comp.


      I wanted to know if I bootstrapped different compositions in adobe edge could I play transitions inbetween each one and have it be smooth? Not like fade in/fade out transitions but possibly the two images separating and then the next composition is underneath it?


      also when I preview my animation in chrome, parts don't work and just go back and forth while safari plays its smoothly? any suggestions anyone has about anything would be greatly appreciated!

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, sorinadesigns-


          Perhaps, instead of mapping the concept of AfterEffects compositions to Edge Animate compositions, you should consider that an AfterEffects composition is much more like a symbol, and an Edge Animate composition is much more akin to an AfterEffects project.  Symbols have an independent timeline, and you can also create transitions on them such as opacity, hide, and show.


          Hope that helps,



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            Hi Elaine,


            I have a very large Edge project (almost 6 minutes of continuous animation and interactivity). On my PC (which meets the minimum operating standards), Edge runs very slowly on a project of thissize. So, I would like to try creating this project in smaller parts and link them together like sorinadesigns describes. I know how to use a wrapper html file and bootstrap Edge projects so that they will play one after the other, but I want the user to be able to navigate between the different smaller files without even realizing they are separate. Is this possible? Thanks so much for your help!



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              mobly Level 3

              so Jane, can you not break the six minutes down into say 6 or 12 symbols like Eaine says and link to each one like that, would edge preload better like that?


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                ljmats Level 1



                Yes, I could do that, but all the objects would still be in a single Edge project and Edge would still be running very slowly as a result. Specifically, once I have 3 minutes of time filled, Edge takes 5-10 seconds to perform an action such as duplicate or adding a keyframe. I've had my computer upgraded with a better processor and video card  with no improvement.


                I should probably note that we are not using Edge for traditional web or animation design. We're creating an interactive course that walks a user through using software. Most of our courses are very short (1-3 minutes), but this one in particular is an overview and needs to be about 8-10 minutes.


                So, what I'm trying to do is create 3 Edge compositions that I can string together (which I can do using a wrapper file and some html code) and have the user be able to move from the last Edge composition to the first while still appearing to be inside the larger course (which I have not figured out how to do).  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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                  Hey Sorinadesigns,

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