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    Customizing Movement Commands

    ClarkDaShark Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I am a music producer, and I use an audio editing program called Cubase. I recently did a video project for fun, and switched from Vegas to Premiere Elements 11 for it. I was super happy with the switch. But now I have a problem. The basic movement controls, such as zoom in/out, move left/right, scroll up/down, are different in each program, and it makes working smoothly in both Cubase and Premiere impossible. I have gotten really fast at the Cubase movement controls, and after a couple days I got used to the Premiere controls, but now I am having trouble switching back to Cubase. How do I change the way I move around Premiere? I want to be able to zoom, move left and right, and scroll up and down, all with the scroll wheel on my mouse, while holding different keys- shift for moving horizontally and command for zooming in and out. Is this possible? If nothing else, I would like to be able to reverse the direction you have to spin the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


      Pax Caritas et lol,