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    Unable to export from Lightroom


      I have developed a problem with exporting from Lightroom.I'm currently using Lightroom 4.3. I was clearing out (by uninstalling) some old programs I don't use (in Windows7) and found a listing for LR 2 and for LR 3--which I thought I'd uninstalled when I installed LR4. Both showed file sizes(?) very much smaller than LR4.3 showed. I figured that it would probably be okay to uninstall these; however, I did it with some trepidation because I'm aware that some other programs I've used seem to have to keep around earlier versions (or portions of them) because there's something in them that later versions seem to lack or to need.


      The uninstall proceeded. However, a while later, when I was trying to export some JPEGs from LR to a file on my hard drive, the export dialog box wouldn't let me change ANYTHING from the settings it had used the last time I exported something!


      So I decided to go ahead and send the file to the last folder I'd exported to, figuring I could later move the file from there to where I wanted it. When I clicked to continue with the export, I got an error message popup box (Titled: "Location not available") continuing: "D:\Documents\Art Show Papers\Gallery-Depot\2013 Anniversary Show\NEM Entries to show refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that your are connected to the Internet or your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have been moved to a different location." (This was the last location I'd exported to before this problem developed).


      This seemed especially odd since I had not disconnected any drives or moved any files, outside of LR, in the meantime!


      The thumbnails show up fine in LR and I can modify the files in the Develop Module, etc. I can also navigate to all the files using Windows Explorer--so the files are where they've "always" been--and I can open them in Photoshop, do work on them, etc. I just can't Export them from Lightroom.


      Could something essential to exporting files in LR4.3 have been contained in the "remnant" LR2 and LR3 program files on my computer?


      I closed out Lightroom but nothing changed when I reopened it. I've also rebooted my computer to no avail.


      A friend who uses Lightroom a lot suggested uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom--which I did. However, the problem with Export still persists. This same friend suggested that I dump my LR Preferences file and gave me what should have been the path to it but that path didn't lead me all the way to the Preferences.


      I've skimmed some of the Lightroom forums but haven't found exactly the same problem. I did check the export dialog box after reading some of them, though, and the "Export To:" dropdown menu definitely indicates "Hard Drive" (not CD/DVD or e-mail, for example) and the Post-processing section has "Do nothing" selected in the "After Export" drop-down menu.


      As a "work-around", I've been going to the file in Windows Explorer, opening it in Photoshop and resizing it, there. It works but it's clunky, compared to Lightroom's Export.


      Any suggestions??