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    Intensity Pro not recognized within CS5.0.3

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      Intensity Card Install 1.PNGUpdating Firmware.PNGBMD Firmware not upgraded.PNGUpon Reboot.PNG

      Had to format the drive.


      Adobe CS 5 Production Premium


      Windows 7 64bit


      12gb ram

      2 raid 0 + system drive


      All adobe software is up to date.

      All physical connections checked and re-checked.

      Using composite from a VCR.

      Installed software for Intensity card from CD rom.

      Was informed of a firmware update.

      Also installed latest driver.


      Card not seen within Adobe in the capture option.

      Card does not capture natively with its own BMD software.

      Card shows up in Windows start menu, but that's all.




      Feb 25 2013

      Uninstalled card.

      Re-installed the intensity version 3.9.4

      Card now recognized in Adobe.

      But still see nothing upon capture.

      Re-updated firmware.

      Card still seen in Adobe, but now captures in Black and white only.


      Only difference here is the root install.

      1st install was from CD rom.

      This time it was from a version I had saved some time ago.

      So now I have to figure out why it's capturing in black and white.




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