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    Adobe After Effect CS4 and Particles

    kishoreda Level 1

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      6GB RAM

      Footage 1080p 24fps

      Adobe AE CS4


      Dear Gentlemen

      Looks like Trapcode or Red Giants version 1.5 Paricles dosen't like many plug ins

      including masking , as you see , I have this lady standing in front of Green screen with lights coming from both sides, so I used the masking procedures to select only the lady in black, everything out , as soon as I apply the the trapcode or red giants particles , it dose not care about anything , using my other PC and make that layer an alpha layer and then bring it back .

      Can someone help please , I even forgot how to make the layer alpha

      Any help will be appreciated .not to forget , i am trying to make an army of ladies, if yours is bugging you a lot, I will be glad to add it to mine .