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    Strange font size behavior


      I have two PSD files.  In one file 11pt font looks very small, in the other file 6pt font looks huge! Both fonts are MPlantin. Both canvas and image sizes are the same. Why is this happening?


      The reason I ask is I'm trying to get my font thickness just right when I print the file. The font keeps coming out too thick.  I think this strange sizing this is a clue as to why.


      Whats going on??



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          Curt Y Level 7

          By image size being same is that in height and width in pixels?  That is the real size of the image.


          Also, is the zoom level the same in lower left corner?

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            conroy Level 5

            Maybe your documents have the same quantity of pixels but different resolutions.


            Point (pt) is a physical measure (72 points to the inch), so the resolution (pixels per inch) of a document determines how many pixels are equivalent to a point in that document.


            In a 72 ppi document, there is 1 pixel to 1 pt.


            In a 300 ppi document, there are about 4 pixels to 1 pt.


            6 pt type will look about 4 times taller and wider in a 300 ppi document than in a 72 ppi document when you view actual pixels (100% zoom) in both documents.