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    Am I missing something

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      Just added a NVIDA Quadro 4000 to my Mac Pro (8 Core 2.4 GHZ 24GB of Ram) and to be very honest I feel like I completely wasted my money. My ATI card died and I figured I would take avantage of NVIDA and the CUDA cores for the upgrade. I haven't seen very much proformance boost. For example I took a piece of DSLR footage at 1080p 24fps 03:07 seconds long and did a warp stablizations. The processing time with the GPU turned off was 1:14.1 with GPU acceleration on it was 1:12.1.


      Did I not configure something right when I added the card? I am running CUDA version 5.0.37


      Any feed back would be great!




      Tom Chase


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