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    Possible BUG?

    buabco Level 1

      I don't know if this is a bug but it sure looks like it, it seems that at least the toggleButtonBar captures the keyboard events and cancels them, this is a pain if you have one of this bars (That are suppose to be used as tool bars anyway) and the selected tool actually needs the keyboard for alternate functions (Ie: Alt + CLICK is zoomOut, CLICK is zoomIn), so you use a application level keyboard listener to listen to this events. To make things worse, there are some keys that does things and get canceled even if you try to capture the event directly in the tool bar, like ALT, ENTER and SPACE.

      But I guess that the wierdest behavior of all was the Verify Error I got when trying to listen to keyboard events on the bar fron action script, I got a:

      Verify Error: Error #1068 Can't KeyBoardEvent and KeyBoardEvent cannot be reconciled.

      I worked arround that lastone by using object instead of keyboardEvent on my listener, but it sure was strange.

      Anyways, has anyone find a solution to listening to the keyboard when you have one of this bars?