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    How to export an interactive flash animation to a website


      I created a very simple Flash animation using Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3.0.

      The interactive part is being able to push play/pause/etc buttons to start/stop the animation.

      I want to post it on a blog or send it via e-mail so other people can test it as well.

      Using the export options (image, selection, movie) doesn't work, so how do I export it?

      Thank you!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you go into the Flash Puiblish Settings and set them to publish an html and flash output, it will create an html page and an swf file that you can use to place the swf into a blog if you have access to the blog's page code.  To publish those files just use the Publish options that are in the menu(es).  To place the results into the blog you need to copy the html Flash embedding code from the html page and paste it into your blog page's code.


          As far as emailing anything, it is less likely that people are going to be able to see it directly in the email like you would see an image that you insert.  You would need to send the files and let them deal with placing the files somewhere they can view them.