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    adope digital edition computer authorization


      Due to a hard disk crash I have to re-instal adobe digital edition. To get access to my ebooks I have to authorize my computer again to get access to my ebooks. I tried to it with my email address and password which I have used before but now the system indicates that my data etc. are laready in use. How can I get my new harddiisk authorized with my former data set to keep access to my ebooks on my Sony Reader?

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          I'm having a similar issue, so I wish you luck.  So far I've "chatted" online with two different reps, first one told me to deauthorize then re-authorize using ctrl shift ...on an Android smart phone. Vinayak then referred to the forum then to the chat link...then " Please use this phone number to contact the technical phone support team "800-833-6687"."  Rona the second chat rep told me 1) that my email address wasn't registered, then " I will be glad to help you, however as the Adobe  Digital Edition is a free product, we do not have support on Livechat. I will provide you the forums link you can refer to."  (link to this forum which I'd already been reading)


          I'll try and recommend you try the


          phone number hours are Monday thru Friday 5 am til 7 pm PST


          (been an ebook consumer for over 10 years, have not had issue with having the Digital Editions reset previously, over 10 years I've had multiple devices authrorized and deauthorized, crash, etc and have contacted Adobe support maybe 3 times with a lot more response and resolution in the past)

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            Cario0 Level 1

            Many thanks for your support. I got my PC authorization done along re-instaling the Sony-Reader sofware by connecting  my Sony Reader PSR-T1 to my PC. Here I could get authorization of my computer with my adobe passwort without being stopped by the adobe notification that my email adress is known. Funningly the adobe digital edition talked with the Sony Reader software, thus the adobe reader edition is also now ready for use and all my books are accessible again.  :-)))))