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    Problems with updating Adobe Flash Player: Timeout 47%


      Hi, I have been trying to update Google Chrome with the new Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.168, however every attempt has failed with the error message: "Timeout" or "Cannot contact reliable source" at 47% completion (The installer jumps from 7% to this error).
      I have searched the net for solutions however all links concerning uninstallations, offline installers, etc. can either not be accessed or download. This is very frustrating. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, I have 20Mbs on speedtest.net however the attempt to download a 685kbit uninstaller or offline installer simply fails.

      ie. This was a link to an alternative installer supplied by a mod on another, older post: install_flash_player.exe 0.0/15.7 MB, 4 hours. But the download refuses to progress, it stays at 0.0 and there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.ie.

                                                                                                                               : uninstall_flash_player.exe 71.0/685 KB, 17 minutes. Fails to progress and lingers on that 71 KB.

      I use Windows 64-bit and use Google Chrome however this problem appears on Internet Explorer as well.