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    Audio Volume Trouble

      Hi there Captivate community, I have been using Captivate for 3 weeks and thrilled with it's ease of use and capabilities.
      I had managed to create some pretty nice demos with it. My only problem so far has been my inability to have consistent audio volume thru-out the demo.
      I record audio for each slide, with the use of a hand held mike- same one I use for my voice recognition program(Dragon)
      Cannot get consistent volume from slide to slide- Audio options appear to be on "normalize" by default- but one slide's audio volume is different than the next- is it the equipment that I am using- do I need something different to record audio with??
      Any input appreciated
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Linda_39,
          I strongly suggest a headset microphone instead of your handheld (does Naturally Speaking really suggest that?). The deal is, a headset with a boom mic allows you to place the mic, adjust it, and you know that it will remain perfectly in place until you take it off your head.

          I do my audio as my last major step in creating a movie, going from slide-to-slide using the forward arrows on the slide-audio dialog. I do all audio at once, to avoid the temptation of "putting off some work until tomorrow" only to wake up *tomorrow* with a sore throat. If that happens the only thing I could do to get consistency was to wait until the throat is feeling better, then redo the entire thing from scratch - arrggh!.

          Best of luck - and WELCOME to the Captivate User Community. Pull up a chair and join right in.