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    bartonsmith Level 1
      I have 2 files intro.swf and content.swf.
      Intro.swf has an opening animation that loads straight away so there is no need for a preloader. At the end of the animation I use loadMovie to load content.swf into an empty MC.
      Content.swf shows the final frame of intro.swf and also has a preloader for the rest of the stuff to be loaded. Once the preloader has finished loading an "enter" button appears.

      This is where the problem lies.

      I want those final frames (either the layers or mcs) from intro.swf to be removed when the user clicks "enter" so that when the rest of the content.swf stuff loads, the intro.swf mcs do not overlay them.

      What I have tried so far:

      unloadMovie(_parent); unloadMovie(_root); unloadMovie("_level0"); - these remove everything including content.swf (but that is because content.swf is loaded into/a part of intro.swf)
      I also tried loading intro.swf into a blank swf and then content.swf into intro.swf and use unloadMovie("_level1") but this does the same thing.
      I tried a few variations of the same thing from around the net but no luck.

      Any ideas?
      Or have I just gone about my preloader incorrectly?


      It's the static background lines and the expansiondesign text that I want to remove after clicking enter.
      It loads really quickly cos there is nothing much to load atm.