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    My audio is IN sync during playback in Premiere, but OUT of sync after render...


      I have edited footage from Dxtory, a screen capture software. Dxtory records 2 seperate audio files (after you right click the file and hit "Extract Audio Stream"), one for my mic, and one for the game sound/skype. After I finished editing my project, I played it back (IN PREMIERE) and the audio was in perfect sync. After I render it, the audio starts in sync, but slowly starts falling out of sync and at the middle of the 19 min video, the audio is a second or more out of sync.


      Codecs I used to record:

      Lagarith Lossless Codec

      LAME MP3


      Since the Dxtory files are so large, I sent the video files through media encoder to compress them.


      Here are the specs from the original video files:

      29.97 fps

      128 kps


      and the specs after being compressed:

      29.97 fps

      157 kps


      and the specs of the final render:


      157 kps


      My render setup:



      Computer Specs:

      GTX 570

      Plenty of hard drive space

      8gb ram


      I don't understand why this is happening, please help!