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    problem with pdf chrome viewer and javascript


      I have a problem with chrome pdf viewer. We have created a form with acrobat 9 pro, this form contains a javascript. When the form is printed or saved the javascript checks that all the mandatiry fields are completed and displays a message if some fields are uncompleted. The chrome pdf viewer doesn't display the warning message when the form is saved, and doesn't display the check box included in the warning message pop up to confirm that the user accepts to print the form. The control is correct with FF et IE

      Thanks for your help

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          There are many PDF viewers. Adobe's, third party downloads, things that come with systems (Apple Preview, Microsoft 8 Reader), things built into browsers (Chrome, Firefox...) Adobe's software understands the full set of JavaScript. Some ignoresJavaScript altogether. Some do selected JavaScript. This is a bit of a mess, but nothing can be done about it EXCEPT that you can demand your users use Adobe Reader. Whether they actually will depends on how important your needs are to them.