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    ARGH !


      Im having a problem when burning to Disc, I Export in MPEG2-DVD and the file plays perfectly on my computer, but when i burn it to disc about 10mins into it the sound starts to become choppy and jump. iv tried multiple dvd players and it always happens at the same spot, trying now to export into a different file type see if that helps but this article tells me to burn into the format i was already using... Confused

      Using premiere CS5.5

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No point in using a different format. It's mpeg2-dvd what dvd needs otherwise it will get re-encoded in Encore which you do not want.

          Try a different brand of disk and/or burn at a slower speed.

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            cvid01 Level 4

            It could also be your burner. I had a burner problem awhile back - it played the DVD fine on the computer, but wouldn't play well in DVD player. Tried burning with a different burner, everything OK. Just a thought.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That is one reason that I have two different makes of multi-drives in my workstation.


              Also, check for firmware updates to the multi-drive/burner. Just be sure to read the instructions well, if you do have a firmware update available.