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    Photoshop Elements 10 working only once


      Something has happened to my Photoshop Elements 10 ... it works once when I first use it .... it will not work the second time. Restarting my computer brings

      it back. The recently added Win 7 64 bit box "Do you want to run this Program" box does not appear. I have also defragged my C: drive. It works when I access

      it through Fastone as an external editor.


      Whats the problem here? ... this is an activated registered version that has been working ... up until now. Should I deactivate it and removing it .... then reloading it and

      reactivation it again .... or what? The OS is Win 7 sp1 64 bit ... with all the lastest updates. I am having no trouble running any of my other programs. Does Adobe have an

      update or patch to fix this problem? What should I do?