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    Optimum Disk Configuration for CS6


      Hi Hardware forum members,


      I have read the Generic Disk Guidelines, read the various forum threads on this topic, watched the Adobe Video2Brain videos and am still confused re optimum disk configuration for CS6 Premier Pro.

      ( lots of disagreemnet on HDD RAID0 versus SSD )


      The video and advice from Adobe is to have a separate disk for each disk for each type of file so that you are not reading and writing from the same disk.


      I rang Adobe technical support and they advised me that if I had 4 individual separate SSD's they would allocate one to the O/S and Programs, one to the Media and Media Cache which they said had to be on the same disk, one to the Project and finally one to the Export and Preview.


      I then asked them if I purchased another SSD so that I had one for the O/S and Programs and then 2 x 2 in a RAID0 configuration, how would they allocate the the drives. They said they would allocate one RAID0 volume to the Media and Media Cache and to the second RAID0 volume they would allocate the Project, Export and Preview. Doesn't this contradict the advice to keep the files separate, as your Project files would be on the same disk as your Export and Preview ?


      In any case, they said the 2 X 2 RAID0 configuration would give the better performance.


      What do the forum members here think will be the better disk configuration from the two options above ?


      What about TRIM support for SSD'S in a RAID0 configuration - is that still an issue, before I commit to the 2 X 2 SSD in RAID0 configuration.


      FYI - Backup will be to 4 x 3tb Seagates in a RAID5 config and the SSD'S under consideration are the Samsung 840 Pro's.


      Your thoughts and recommendations will be most welcome.


      Kind Regards



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          JEShort01 Level 4



          There are several reasons why there seem to be so many opinions:

          - SSDs are certainly not all created equal

          - SSD performance has gotten a lot faster in just the past 2 years for the high-end SSDs like your 840 Pros (good choice!)

          - some users love RAID, some don't

          - massive amounts of afforadable RAM are going into new, fast PC builds and Win7 caching helps a lot

          - the speed that one user may want is timeline performance whereas speed to the next guy may want is DVD render performance; the optimum drive setup would be quite different

          - HD RAIDs are better then SSDs for a given cost for Premiere Pro; After Effects has been said to benefit more from SSDs than Premiere Pro

          - many users have experience with HDs, HD RAIDs; SSDs are quite different beasts

          - and finally, yes, different individuals can have different opinions!


          So, what to do...


          At this point, I would say:

          1) Configure OS and programs on a single SSD

          2) Put some drive in and start testing on YOUR PC with YOUR projects and see how well it it working; make sure you know about the various Win7 caching options and play with those too


          If you have not purchased your drives yet, unless your are using a laptop, I would never suggest a 4x256GB (or larger) SSD Premiere Pro system. Why? Because if you are putting that much money into the drives, I would suggesting putting the same budget towards: 1x128GB SSD (OS/programs) + 5x1TB RAID 5 with a decent controller (Areca, etc.). Excellent speed, redundance, large hardware cache, and WAY more space for your files even if you do have a backup too.


          Jumping down to a lower cost, the often suggested 2x2-drive RAID 0 arrays, or a single 4-drive RAID 0 works really well.





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            MartinMende05 Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post - it is much appreciated.


            I have ruled out the 2 x 2 ssd in raid 0 as an option due to the lack of TRIM support for this configuration as the performance would just deteriorate over time.


            Your advice makes sense as everybody's individual needs and preferences are different.


            I'm still going to go with a combination of individual SSD drives ( no raid and just depends how many individual SSD's I decide to allocate) with the RAID5 array of 4 x 3tb disks for backup (around 9tb usable space ). The machine wont just be used exclusively for video editing and hence this is swaying my decision towards the SSD's.


            I could be persuaded to change the RAID5 backup to a RAID10 with the same disks but this would give me more speed and safer redundancy, albeit with only 6TB of usable space. ( I know the backup has nothing to do with the CS6 performance or configuration, just mentioning it ).


            FYI, the machine is a desktop, not a laptop, with an ASRock Extreme 11 x79 mb which gives me enough SATA3 connections and has onboard RAID options

            Other components are a 3930k processor, 64 gb 8 x 8 Corsair Vengenace 1866 c9 memory kit, and an EVGA GTX680 4G Classified Video Card.


            Thanks again for taking the time to reply - much appreciated


            I'm looking forward to getting the build up and running


            Happy to hear anyone else's thoughts on this topic too.


            Kind Regards



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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Martin, we do not have any results yet with that motherboard on our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM)  It is also a great tool for you to optimize your system for running Premiere.  Our dedicated benchmark version for CS6 is still not quite ready for usage so you have to use the PPBM5.5 version.


              I have looked at the Z77 Extreme11 because of that onboard LSI RAID controller as I have an unused i7-3770K.


              Here are my HDTune Pro benchmarks for a pair of Samsung 840 Pro SSD's in RAID 0. When you get to this level of performance my opinion and usage is do not spread your projects over several disks/arrays.  That suggestion in the forums is really tailored to using individual hard disk drives. If you are using RAID 0 of course you have to be very religious with backup's  With a developmental benchmark that Harm and I are playing with we can actually write a large AVI file to these SSD's at 800+ MB/second.


              HD Tune z68 Intel Read 840Pro 2 x 256 R0.png

              HD Tune z68 Intel Write 840Pro 2 x 256 R0.png

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                Here's what I consider a good base configuration.  It'll spread the load out very nicely for speed, but doesn't come with the attendant dangers of RAID 0.


                C: System

                D: Projects

                E: Scratch

                F: Media

                G: Exports


                With any config, you should include some form of backup for project files and media.

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                  Alan Craven Level 4

                  I second Jim's suggestion.


                  I used that set up happily from Premiere CS2 all the way to CS5.5.  Now I have the giddy luxury of the same set-up except for  the E: and F: drives being RAID0 arrays.  I added the RAIDs only because I am editing 24mbps AVCHD these days, and I rather think I did not need to have bothered.  I back these two drives up to an external RAID1 at least once every day, and I am only a hobbyist.


                  The system drive is my only SSD, the others are all WD Caviar Blacks.  All non-video stuff goes on the D: drive.

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                    alexdejesus Level 1

                    So, my Sandy Bridge motherboard allows for 6 total internal SATA drives, not including the 2 Marvel ports. I have a RAID 0 on the two 6 GB/s ports. I have an SSD system drive, DVD drive plus another 2-disk RAID 0. However, I have nowhere near the performance I thought I'd have. The external eSATA and USB ports are worse.


                    Do you think it is worthwile to go with a 3rd party RAID controller? If yes, than what model and specs should I look for for my setup? At some of the prices I see for Arecas and such, I can buy a whole new motherboard and processor. I'll never have twenty drives connected - maybe the existing plus a couple of externals.


                    C - SSD system, pagefile and programs

                    D - 2 x 2 RAID SATA III 0 for media and projects

                    E - 2 x 2 RAID 0 SATA II for cache, exports and stock footage

                    Externals for backups, deliverables, etc.

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                      MartinMende05 Level 1

                      Thanks to Bill, Jim, Alan and Alex for your responses - very much appreciated.


                      As I said in my last post, I will be going for individual SSD drives ( non raid ), configured similar to what Jim and Alan suggest.


                      The performance of 2 SSD'S in RAID0 looks fabulous and whas what I was initially attracted to but no one has mentioned the lack of TRIM support which I am led to believe is still a significant problem.


                      From what I understand, that configuration will start out fabulous and just degrade over time.


                      Does anyone want to comment on lack of TRIM support for SSD's in RAID0 config and the subsequent impact on performance ?





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                        Alan Craven Level 4

                        The TRIM support depends on which version of Intel RST your motherboard uses.  Server and some high end consumer boards use RSTe (enterprise) which does not support TRIM.


                        Most consumer boards use IRST, which does support TRIM.  the latest version is 11.6, and this is claimed to have a more effective TRIM support in practice than earlier versions.


                        I have not considered using SSDs for media storage, primarily due to cost, but also as I am concerned about their long-term performance when used for repeated re-writes.

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                          Alan Craven Level 4

                          Intel have just released RSTe V3.6, which resolves the issue I had with V3.5, which would not install on my Crucial M4 system drive, but there is no mention of TRIM support in the Release Notes.

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                            What are "SCRATCH" files? Can you make an exampl please. And what are

                            "Projects" Projects are just the .ppro file or more and if yes what more?


                            Thanks a lot!


                            I read about (in case of low budget) to put the Projects on SSD and the scratch(???) and cache files on HDD... BUT... i thougth the CACHE files are continously in use... (read & wirte)... so my thought would be that the cache files must on the fastest media + the media footage (read)

                              Can you guys help me?


                            Thanks a lot!


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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              Scratch are cache and preview files.


                              For my setup, "Projects" includes the project files for PP, After Effects, Encore, etc.  It also includes any audio used in the project, as well as stills used in the project.