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    Arrange Menu Blanked Out for New Items - Adobe Edge

    CX Studios

      Why is the Arrange Menu blanked out, it's very VERY frustrating when I want to simply adjust the layer of some text I created in Edge as it was thrown to the bottom layer which isn't very handy when I am trying to add it in as new content on the TOP layer.


      what is the point to having an Arrange menu if it doesn't even work?


      Is there a setting that I can change to enable layer alterations or am I missing something here?




      As a bit of extra information, I read that you need to edit the layer of items using CSS which if that is true leaves me in the SH## due to the fact that the software I am using creates Inline CSS and I honestly have no idea how to modify that.  I'm using WYSIWYG Website Builder 8.5.


      The other thing that is frustrating would be that I have only 2 options... create all my content inside of WWB 8.5 or build it all inside of Edge.


      Unfortunately, if I want to add new items to my website, I would have to overwrite the old HTML when I export out of WWB which will erase all the content from inside of Edge... so the only choice I really have is to add content via Edge to ensure I don't lose all of my hard work setting up animations etc in the site.


      Problem is, for this to work out, all content needs to be added in Edge, not just the fancy stuff as it seems to be layer locked...  Really dissapointed if there is nothing Edge can do to enable layer modification... that will make it far less valuable to people such as myself who do not have the timeframe to learn how to modify inline css or any css for that matter.  (way I see it is that if you have to get in and work with code, then this type of "designer friendly" software hasn't really performed it's role properly)


      Sure this will shock the majority of purist web builders and professionals who love to work with code day in day out notebook++ is their friend, but why can't things be done differently, does the code have to look all neat and tidy so long as it works?



      EDIT 2


      To clarify, all elements in the file are built and added outside of EDGE except for the most recent text field.  This text field was thrown somewhere in between several of the layers on the website and needs to be adjusted.  Also, layers created inside of WWB need to be adjusted outside of the software if possible to avoid re-exporting and the consequential wiping of the Index.html page I am adding animations to.

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hi CX,


          If I understand correctly, you're importing an existing HTML page into Animate and trying to arrange the layers? This isn't supported in Animate due to a lot of complications that can go on with your external document; you have to manually assign z-index via CSS to control this. We deliberately impose as little as possible on your existing markup since if starts being amended progromatically there's a huge potential for misintrepertation; for example, if you have a navigation menu on your page and Animate imposes heirarchy on another element, your nav might appear below the page content which is obviously undesirable.