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    Indesign CS 5.5 - postscript fonts missing




      I'm having some problems with T1 fonts in Indesing CS 5.5 (64-bit Windows 7 professional).


      I've installed a set of postscript fonts (Gill Sans T1, wich includes light, regular, bold, italic and light italic cuts), yet I can only see light and light italic cuts in Indesing. All these fonts works perfectly in Photoshop and in MS Word etc (they appear under the Gill Sans T1 header). After I uninstall these fonts, light cuts dissappers as they should. So they seem to work normally, but all other cuts are not working..


      I copied font files to system font folders as well as Adobe folder in common files. I also tried to copy fonts into Indesign fonts folder, this didn't help either.


      It just seems quite strange that I can use these fonts in Photoshop but not in Indesign. Can someone please help me with this issue?