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    Touch Screens

      Hello Forum

      I am about to dive into a Touch Screen Kiosk Project. I've never done that before. I have two specific questions and one general question:

      - What mouseactions work with Touch Screens? Is it only onMouseDown? Or both onMouseDown and onMouseUp? Does anything else work?

      - Is there a way to figure out if there's any activity on the screen? They are hoping to create some sort of screensafer / start screen that should come up if no one is using the kiosk for a while. I guess I could just always reset some sort of timer with every mouseDown action, once the timer goes down to zero I switch to the screensafer. Any better approach?

      - Also are there any other advice you'd like to share with a Flash Kiosk novice?

      Any advice or insight is much appreciated.

      Thank you


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          BSpero Level 1
          I do a lot of work with touchscreens so I can tell you a few things.

          - The screens respond to all normal mouse commands. There might be different setting on the touch screen software that will let them do different things, For instance, they could be set to register a mouse down and up when the user clicks the screen, or they could be set to register a mouse down when touched, and mouse up when released.

          - Your solution is what I have used in the past for detecting inactivity. The way you figure out if there is activity on the screen is set a timeout object that is reset on and mouse move. If it's set for 60 seconds or something, then it will keep resetting whenever the mouse is moved. If the timeout reaches the end, then you can go to a different frame in the movie, or load something else to act as the screen saver, as you have said.

          - Capacitive touch screens work much better for applications that will involve any dragging, dropping moving objects around, etc. The other type is resistive, and they rely on hard pressure to work, rather than just moving a finger around.

          - There are probably a ton of other hints out there about programming for touch screens in general, but you can probably find that type of stuff around. Think about where a user's hand will be when they touch, and if they'll be obscuring other objects on the screen, creating some sort of visual clues that they are touching, which I guess is true for most applications... I dunno. Those are my thoughts.

          - B
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            stephan.k Level 1
            Excellent! Thank you very much BSpero. Your advice is very helpful.


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              stephan.k Level 1

              I have another question that I think you might have some answers to since it seems you're doing touch screen apps / kiosks. Here it goes:

              For our flash kiosk mode app we will be using a Mac. (not sure about OS yet, but probably 10.4 or up. )

              1) Is there a way to automatically launch the flash app on startup on a mac?
              2) Is there a way to schedule a shut off and launch time on a mac? We'd like the machine to automatically shut down at midnight and relaunch at 7am for example. Is there an application that handles tasks like these built in the OS or is there some application out there that would handle this?

              Any advice or insight appreciated.

              Thank you


              Stephan K

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                Yes, to both questions. It's in the System Preferences.
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                  stephan.k Level 1
                  Thanks! I've found the scheduler but I can't find the auto launcher option... ?