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    The app is stuck

    pepe roda

      Hello: I've installed this app this morning, and already having problems. The second project started, just testing the app, with a camera capture, don't work at all, only the brush with the propperties I've adjusted before in the first project, wich I've saved. I can't close, restart, anything. Should I restart my iPad?


      El mensaje fue editado por: pepe roda Perdón, he escrito mi consulta en inglés, porque venía de la web de adobe en inglés, por inercia... El caso es que la aplicación se ha quedado colgada en el segundo proyecto que he iniciado, sólo estaba probando, y he usado una captura de cámara. Al darle a "usar", me la ha abierto pero no responde ningún botón. Lo único que funciona es el pincel, pero con las propiedades que le había ajustado el primer proyecto, que he guardado. ¿Debería reiniciar el iPad? ¿Es un problema recurrente esté? Gracias

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          if you are familiar with how you shut down applications on iOS and you cannot do it you should restart the device.

          It's double touch the home button and press and hold your finger on one of the running application icons and let the x icon show up in the upper right corner on all icons. If you search for Photoshop touch and click on the x it will shut it down.


          If this issue still stays - please try to explain more in detail what you mean with "can't close, restart, anything".


          I understand that you had a problem with new from camera on the iPad. The question is


          which iPad are you using?

          which iOS version is it using?

          Which Photoshop Touch version are you using?

          How much space is left on your device?

          Have you tried to close down all applications except PS touch and performed a device restart? Does that help?

          Did you have other applications running at the same time - if so which? Did you have some camera apps there too?