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    Author and Publish environments out of sync

    Riju Mahana
      I have configured two environments of CQ5.5 , Author (at 4502) and Publish (at 4503). Initially, when I just created pages based on default templates, the publishing went on just fine. I even activated using workflows..
      However, when I created my own components/templates/jsp's, the pages stop getting fdeployed on Publish Environment. Now, even after activation (green light), the pages on publish environment display just a blank page and nothing else.
      I checked and found that all my new components/templates/jsp's etc. are not present in the 4503 node. Any way to keep them in sync ?
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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          You need to deploy your code (templates&components, OSGI bundles) to the publish instance as well.


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            Caleb W Level 1



            I thougt I'd expand on the Jörg's answer a bit. The isse isn't that your pages aren't being activated. They are likely in fact being activated just fine. You can verify this by examining the content tree on your publish instance. The issue is that the components you created and are using on those pages aren't present on the publish instance - as you noted. It's important to keep in my that CQ won't activate components / templates assocaited with a Page. You need to deploy your code - there a number of ways you can do this, the best will depend on your environment / needs. A few possible options are the following:

            1. Create a Package of your code and activate the package
            2. Use Tree activation to activate everything you've created under /apps

            Note that if you added any OSGI Bundles to Felix via the Web Console, then you'll need to manually add those to your publish instance via the Felix Web Console there. However, I'd really recommend adding any necessary Bundles to your application code at /apps/<application>/install. This will allow the Bundles to be included in either of the 2 methods mentioned above.