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    Slideshow from XML in AS3

    MixMastaJames Level 1
      I'm WAY new to AS3 and I'm looking to create a slideshow driven by XML. Its a very simple XML file that can have 2 to 5 images in it.

      I can get the images to load in, but am having problems on the Event.COMPLETE function I created. I can't seem to reference the target at all.. basically when the load is complete, I want to retrict it to a 600 width or 450 height (depending on whether its wider or taller).

      I can get that information, but have NO idea how to adjust the width and height of the target. I've tried event.target.name, and event.currentTarget.name, etc... I have no idea what to do next!!!

      I've attached all the code I have (just started it).

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!